F# Talk in Hereford

by kiteason11. September 2013 00:30

The Smart Devs group in Hereford kindly asked me to talk to them about F#.  We had a great evening, with loads of pizza and swag.  Thank you Smart Devs for such a friendly reception.

Here are links to the materials:

The planetarium demo – demonstrates use (and some of the pitfalls) of the SQL Server type provider.  (It’s worth reading the readme for this one before plunging in.)


PowerPoint presentation – this includes some material on the Freebase type provider that we didn’t do because of slow internet connection.


The code for the Freebase type provider demo (that we didn’t do):


A version of the great circle distance calculator that uses units-of-measure:


Recommended reading:

Chris Smith’s ‘Programming F#’:


Dom Syme et. al.’s ‘Expert F# 3.0’


Please tweet me (@kitlovesfsharp) if I’ve missed anything I promised to link to.


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